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5 Doty Ave Apt. 4

Hyde Park, NY 12538


Phone: (845-891-6668)                     Email:




I am currently working my own business as an aviation Maintenance Consultant with AIRSCHIPP,LLC. Prior to this I was an Aviation Maintenance Manager, Aviation Maintenance Project Manager, Chief Inspector and Sales Director with proven leadership skills.  Over 30 years of diversified technical, supervisory and managerial background, including FAR Part 135 Charter and Part 145 repair station.  I am also proficient in Maintenance sales, Maintenance Coordination, Quality assurance/inspection, and have in-depth technical hands on mechanical experience on rotor wing, piston and jet powered aircraft. Holder of both a military helicopter repairman’s certificate and a current FAA airframe and power plant certified technician license, and extensive education during the last 10 years in Business and Aviation Maintenance technology.


My Aviation career evolved through the industry beginning with 6 years of US Army helicopter repair continuing through all aspects of general aviation.  Career highlights include, but not limited to; aircraft charter/management, corporate jet maintenance in a Part 145 repair station, consulting and performing numerous Jet Aircraft acquisitions (both buyer and seller positions).  I have extensive experience in full logbook research with a final Part 135 conformity product output.  I served as a Maintenance Sales Director, Project Manager, and Senior Maintenance Controller for a Part 135 Charter Management company, with additional duties in assisting the Director of Maintenance and also the role of Assistant Quality Control Manager.  My career progression included Maintenance Supervisor to Aviation Maintenance Manager (DOM), guiding and directing a team of 76 technicians and 8 supervisors around the clock in full scope managerial responsibilities in a 50,000 square foot maintenance FAA Part 145 service center owned by a “world class” OEM manufacturer of jet aircraft. In addition I had been hired on as the Director of Maintenance for a privately owned aircraft maintenance facility by the new owners of the company, with their primary request to reorganize the entire maintenance operation in an effort to become a more efficient and profitable organization.




MPI, INC                                                                 Global Service Manager                                                 Poughkeepsie                                                           Quality Control Manager

Jan- 2015-Oct 2018

Duties included:

[Global Service Manager] Management of the office customer service staff, Coordination of workflow balance with the scheduler/dispatcher, comprehensive review of daily operations for unmitigated circumstances, assuring prompt, efficient action to avoid negative impact, staff orientation and training. Travel to customer sites and sell the service and service agreements. Also was responsible for the management of the Global Field Service Technicians dispatched around 47 countries., Control of department  tools and high dollar resource assets., staffing and labor utilization for overtime control, facilitation between customer, CSR’s and technicians, estimating work packages, monitoring of field service reports/work packages and troubleshooting problems, final sign-off on all service order billing.


[Quality Control Manager] During the last two years of my employment I also served the role of the company quality control manager. My primary role was to ensure that the company was following the processes and procedures required to maintain an ISO9001:2008 program. I handled all audits (regulatory and customer and internal, all company (including factory) non-conformities came through me for task assignment for root cause analysis and corrective actions. Just prior to my departure from MPI I secured a transition to the latest ISO standards for the company- they are now ISO9001:2015 certified.


Richmor Aviation, Inc.

Columbia County Airport, NY                                                   Maintenance Sales Director

June 2012-Current                                                                      Special projects Manager

                                                                                                    Assist. Chief Insp (Air carrier and 145)



Primary role is to bring Richmor Aviation's extremely talented and experienced maintenance capabilities to the corporate/business aircraft network. Through the marketing of our capabilities, my goal is to earn the confidence of new customers, and in turn become their primary maintenance provider.  I research aircraft within our capabilities, generate marketing material for mailings and emails, place phone calls to prospective customers  I  travel extensively in the Northeast visiting the airports that are home to the business/corporate jet operators.  Upon making contact with an interested operator I review upcoming due-list workscope and create quotes to complete the work.  I am responsible for initial contact, workscope review, quote generation, negotiating the maintenance package to include logistics, monitor and interface with customer throughout the maintenance event, assist in final billing (proforma), settle any billing issues generated from the proforma, and collect on final invoice. During my conversations with the individuals I have the honor to converse with, I also present and discuss Richmor Aviation’s other capabilities with those individual in the event it might lead to work for our other departments (Aircraft Management, Charter, Flight School, and Aircraft Parts support). Any leads are given to the applicable department head and I assist as required.


My secondary role is involved with company projects, as a project manager I work directly for the company President/Owner and Vice President.  I take on projects that are not part of the everyday company ventures. Due to my past experience(s) I have gained the experience and ability to take on projects that are out of the normal day to day mainstream and run with them to completion. Whether that completion is related to satisfaction for a customer or just working up a proposal for a challenging proposition, I am the project manager for turning an idea into a tangible event.


My third role is to cover the responsibilities of the company’s Quality Control Manager in his absence or when he is in need of additional assistance. I am listed on the company ops’ specs’ as the assistant chief inspector for the air carrier certificate and also the parent FAA Part 145 repair station. In this role I hold full signing authority on air carrier ferry permits, RII , short term escalation, MEL, training events, and any additional required as per the company’s needs in accordance with the practices approved in the company’s FAA operational specifications..


Three Wing Flying Services, Inc.

Sikorsky Memorial Airport                                                      Director, Aviation Maintenance

Sept 2010-June 2012


I was primarily hired to help the owners to turn the maintenance activities of the facility into a lucrative business and turn poor work efficiencies and billing practices around. When I first started with the company the workforce was operating at an average of 65% labor utilization and 50% billing efficiency. During the first year, by reorganizing the work force and creating new processes and procedures, reworking the few processes that were in place, training the employees in the new work processes and policies, enforcing safety, quality and and good work ethics, increasing marketing, customer awareness and communication, I was able to gain a minimum average of 85% LUE and approximately 90% BE, and maintained these efficiencies with an additional growth until my departure from the company 19 months later.


My objectives were focused on all operations of the maintenance, avionics, parts department, and line service departments and included approximately 17 direct reports, including an additional 5 employee’s hired during my time do to positive customer growth.  My duties included: Over site of the Maintenance staff, coordination of workflow, management of maintenance scheduling, a daily review of maintenance operations to ensure proper placement of technicians in an effort to obtain the highest efficiency and quality of work. Had direct control over the departments training, tooling, working hours, and work orders to include billing hours, Coordination of staffing (termination, hiring and HR responsibilities), Created proposals and quotes for customers, responsible for primary customer contact, customer updates, dispute resolution and any facilitation of the work scope to include final invoice creation, review and payment collection. Handled marketing of new customers and created strategies to gain customer confidence and trust in the work-force.


After the unfortunate passing of the company’s Operation Manager I took on the responsibilities of the Operation Managers role. These responsibilities went hand in hand with the above duties and also included oversight of the companies FBO operation, fueling operations and assisted in monthly billing operations of the flight club members, hanger tenants and ramp parking tenants. On the 2-3 days a week that the managing company Owner was not on site I was solely responsible for the entire operation.


Cessna Aircraft Company                                                                 Manager, Aviation Maintenance         NY Citation Service Center

Nov 2005- May 2010


Responsibilities were widely focused on all operations of the business and included approximately 76 direct reports.  Duties included: Over site of the Maintenance staff, Coordination of workflow balance with the scheduling department, comprehensive review of daily operations for unmitigated circumstances, assuring prompt, efficient action to avoid negative impact, staff orientation and training, control of company tools, staffing and labor utilization for overtime control, facilitation between customer, CSR’s and technicians, estimating work packages, monitoring of work packages and troubleshooting problems, final sign-off on all service order billing. I was also responsible for the entire service center operation when the General Manager was out of the office.


Cessna Aircraft Company                                                        Supervisor, Aviation Maintenance

Apr 2002- Nov 2005


I was originally responsible for maintaining the NY facility through the weekend shifts, in the role of weekend (5th shift) Supervisor.  Coordinated all on going scheduled maintenance and set incoming workload and schedules for “drop-in” aircraft. I was solely responsible for all aspects of manpower of the weekend support departments, handling a staff of over 45 people. Estimated work scopes. Maintained billing efficiency, labor utilization, and on time deliveries, coordinated hanger movements. Supported logistics in relation to Field trip required maintenance. I maintained continuous and accurate communications and turnovers to provide the weekday supervisors with a seamless work flow. I was promoted to 1st shift super crew supervisor after one year of weekend duty. My Duties as a first shift super crew supervisor was parallel to original duties but brought them into a 24/7 5 days a week responsibility handling the scheduled maintenance crews, with continued oversight of the weekend crews and the replacement supervisor. This role also put me into the path of training for the role of the facility maintenance manager.


Richmor Aviation, Inc.                                                                        Maintenance Technician

Feb 1990- Apr 2002                                                                             Sr. Maintenance Coordinator       

                                                                                                              Assistant Chief Inspector                                                

Maintenance technician


My original duties in the maintenance department was in the role of an aircraft technician, I quickly worked my way into the crew chief lead position for the company’s maintained fleet of Learjets and Astra jets, I also assisted in maintenance events of all other model jet acft maintained (Falcon, Gulfstream, Challenger). The company bought  west-states airlines in the mid ‘90’s and I was promoted onto the Convair 580 and Nord maintenance crew where I proved my viability in supervision and was shortly moved into the role of maintenance coordinator for the charter aircraft, than senior coordinator for the fleet and finally into assistant chief inspector and aircraft acquisition specialist.


Senior Maintenance Coordinator/Assistant Chief Inspector

Responsibilities were to coordinate all maintenance aspects of “off-Based" charter/management Aircraft located across the United States. This included monitoring and controlling all Maintenance Coordinators located at Richmor aviation bases located in numerous states, totaling ten coordinators, handling six different manufacturers of Jet aircraft.


I traveled to numerous service centers representing and consulting for customers in the purchase/sales of aircraft and aircraft under-going extensive maintenance events. Perform all part 135 conformity requirements on aircraft new to the company’s management certificate. Perform all duties and responsibilities of the chief inspector in his absence, and assisted the director of maintenance and the V.P of maintenance when required.


Richmor Aviation, Inc.                                                                      Line Service Dept. Supervisor             Jan 1989-Feb 1990                                                                                          


I started my civilian aviation career as a line service technician while attending the BOCES aviation program part time at night to complete all testing involved in obtaining my FAA A & P technicians license. Within the first month of working I was promoted to the supervisor role of the line service department and upon obtaining my FAA license I was transferred to the maintenance department as an aircraft technician.


Hudson Armored Car, Inc.                                                               Crew Chief/Dispatch Lieutenant

Sept 1984-Dec 1988


Progressed from crew chief of a three man armored transportation vehicle’ handling foreign currency exchange between overseas banks and the federal Reservatory in Manhattan, to rank of lieutenant for dispatch for a fleet of sixteen armored vehicles.


Coordinated the logistics involved in scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of vehicles. I was responsible for Formatting and controlling placement of personnel on a day-by-day basis to handle crew format on trucks. Set-up flow of random delivery runs and handled delay situations as well as breakdowns and security threat lock downs.

Assisted in domestic and terrorist training events and co-managed firearm training and hostage training.


United States Army                                                                          Helicopter Crewchief Grade SP4

Sept 1978- Aug 1984


Upon completion of initial training I was responsible for technically maintaining three, OH-58 (Military Jet Ranger) Helicopters on combat ready status. Coordinating all aspects of maintenance involved including technical inspection and quality control.


After completing 3 years active duty I transferred to Stewart New York under the rank of acting assistant (AJ) Sergeant in an Army Reserve Medivac unit. Acted as Maintenance Sergeant for three additional years with a Medivac UH-1H helicopter Reserve unit with duties similar to those held by an assistant to a [Director of maintenance] in the civilian market. Cross-trained in the field of emergency medical services.




  • High School Graduate

  • Licensed FAA A&P Technician

  • Thomas Edison Collage- In work (approximately 20 credits to completion)

  • Mount St Mary’s Collage-MBA Program approved (Numerous business courses completed and transferred to TESC)

  • Certified Six Sigma Green Belt

  • A3 Lean Methodology        

  • Dale Carnegie course Graduate

  • Developing leadership excellence Graduate

  • Dale Carnegie Leadership For Managers Graduate




  • Long Island Professional Aviation Maintenance Association (Was the Vice-President of Board 2013-2015)

  • Long Island Business Aviation Association (regional)

  • Professional Aircraft Maintenance Association (national)

  • West Chester Aircraft Maintenance Association (regional)

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